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Subject: Falling in Love with a StrangerCHAPTER 1 - SCHOOL SUCKS...I awoke to some Britney Spears song on the radio. I cannot stand her and it
must of been a sight lolitta 13yo naked lesbian as I slapped my alarm and screamed, "SHUT THE FUCK
UP!"I peeled my eyes open to a dark room, looked at the bright neon green glow
of the clock that read, "7:11," and realized, "Awwww crap, I have school."It was Tuesday. I was not looking forward to school. I tried to find
something to motivate me, it sure wasn't school itself that was going to
motivate me. Then I flashed back to my dream, I was slightly more
motivated. I had been dreaming of Philip, a cute guy I've had my eye on for
a while. I got up and dragged myself into the bathroom and brushed my
teeth. I walked out to the kitchen and looked downstairs and made a mental
note, "no one's home."I put on some jeans and a sweatshirt and headed back to the bathroom to fix
my hair. I spiked it as usual. I got my things together and put my bag on.
I shoved open the front door of my house and gritted my teeth. I muttered
to myself, "Ahhh, fuck, it's cold..." I fumbled for my keys and locked the
door and shoved my hands into my pockets and headed toward school.About twenty minutes later, I found myself walking up the stairs to the
entrance of school. For some reason, I noticed that the long, metallic sign
that used to be on the front lawn of school reading, "Altamont High School"
was removed. It was actually gone a long time ago, but it was now that I
bothered to notice it.I pushed open the cold metal door and made my way lolitas 11 yo pic into the barren
courtyard, as the others went about their morning. I stared at my watch,
"7:57am.""Good, I'm early enough," I thought to myself.I pulled open, yet another cold metal door to enter the main building. I
walked past group after group of people. As I headed into a smaller hall,
people thoughtlessly chattered in the middle of the hall stood in my way. I
shoved past a group of track members and then freshmen girls, as all of
them exclaimed young lolitas in italy how rude I was. "Well, fucking get out of my way, dumb
bitch," I said quite audibly.I made my way to my locker, "951." I shoved a binder and two of my books in
and retrieved another book. I headed into the class and took my place.
Jeanine, one of my best friends, was moaning about how she had gotten
caught going out on a date with her new boyfriend, Marcus. I laughed to
myself; she had known this boy for no more than a month from work. They
both worked at the Orange Julius at the mall. Jimmy was listening to her
story and laughing as Jeanine swore."I'm grounded for a month. SHIT!" she screamed. She took time from her
cursing to smile and greet me.A half-assed smile crossed my lips as I turned around to listen. She had
lied to her mother about going to work and went to watch a movie with
Marcus."Who busted you out?" Jimmy asked."Fucking Ellen!" screamed Jeanine. "She called my house and asked if I
wanted to go out and when I came home, my mom knew I had been lying 'cause
I said I was with her," she continued.The bell rang and then Ms. Trabb, our Chemistry teacher wrote some notes on
the board and passed out worksheets. "These are due Monday!" she whistled
through her missing lower tooth. I hated her stupid worksheets, since she
never taught us a damn thing and expected us to fully learn from the book.
The worst part is when she gave us two different worksheets, one of the
'corrected' answers would be sure to contradict.I grabbed one reluctantly and passed it back to hear Jeanine still
complaining.Time passed by slowly and slowly and even MORE slowly. Finally, the hour
has gone by and I headed back to my locker with Jeanine, hooked to arm. She
started talking about Marcus and how much fun they had and 'blah, blah,
blah' and it made me feel like shit. Her blabbing reminded me of how badly
I wanted a boyfriend.I closed my locker and headed to my next class, Spanish. I made half my way
there, when I noticed Philip from half way down the hall. It was a guy I
had been drooling over most of my time in high school. He stood at least
5'9" or 10" and dressed in the usual baggy jeans and black t-shirt. I did
not know this guy very well, but he was just one of those cute faces that
you can't forget. I walked as slowly as I could and he looked at me with
his big, blue eyes as he brushed past me in the hall. I tried to act like I
didn't notice or that I didn't care, but I was about to melt simply from
his touch. I remember in the back of my mind the way his voice sounded like
and it made me happy to think of the way he talked. He had a locker a few
down from mine and I would always listen just to hear him talk.Katerine and Alan broke my reverie as they greeted me, "Hey, Eugene." They
had the next class with me and I was brought back to reality. I dreaded the
hour with the cow that was our Spanish teacher. In her broken Spanglish,
she asked me question number 3. I replied and wondered how an overweight
white lolitas 11 yo pic woman had gotten a place at Altamont as a Spanish teacher. I
remembered days when she would brag, "I speak four languages!" Bullshit,
you old bag, if you spoke four languages, I was from Mars.Finally the next few periods passed without much event and I made it to
lunch. I was putting my books away when I heard the familiar voice that I
had become emphatuated with. It was Philip with his friend, Matt. I kind of
stood there extrem lolita nude pic for a while with Jimmy and took in the sight of him. I sighed
and we headed out for lunch. As I passed by Philip, I made sure to walk
close enough to brush up against him. I feel like a sicko for getting pure
pleasure from that, but I did. Funny thing, he backed up and knocked a book
out of my hand as he dropped his own notebook."Dude, I'm hella sorry, I didn't see you," Philip said."It's all good," I smiled. He grinned at me as I kept telling myself how
cute he looked."Hey, we got P.E. in the same period, right?" Philip asked."Uhhh, I think so. What's your name?" I lied as if I didn't already know."Oh I'm Philip, you're Eugene, right?"I blushed, I never thought he would even know my name. "Y-Yeah..." I
stuttered. "Alright, I gotta bounce...gonna get some food. Laters," I broke
the silence and turned around.Then, he preteen young lolita bbs did something that surprised me. He grabbed my arm and said, "hey,
we're going there too. We can go get our food together and then we could
hang out 'n whatever." He had become more comfortable talking to me and I
was grinning from ear to ear."Sure, that'd be cool," I said nonchalantly, even though, I was screaming
"WOO HOO!" in my head.I was finally gonna spend time with and talk to my crush!
Want to find out what happens next? Comments? E-mail me at
moonchil0aol.com if you want to have the next chapter posted!

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